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Is it really a difficult task to choose and build that one precise business association which will further partner with you to cut across the market clutter and enjoy advanced and innovative business-critical solutions and services? Star Technologies Solutions has strategically designed its php, CMS, web development solutions and services to cater to the unique individual business needs of the clients. We have successfully helped our clients achieve their business objectives through affordable web development services and high quality programming, ensuring best practices at all times.

We at Star Technologies Solutions, are a crew of highly skilled and hard working professional website developers in India who have continually enhanced the most powerful marketing tool of our clients to build their online identity and brand – their website! The website design that we create reflects the quality, image, lifestyle and status that you wish your brand to be associated with. Our arty designs liven up your brand and give your business a thrust.

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HTML5 Devlopment Tool

HTML5 Devlopment Tool

Web development tools always make your web design project easier with the help of advanced features. HTML5 is the most popular language for developers and designers as it offers numerous amazing features such as cross-browser support, structure specific tags, visual elements and many more.Also, all these tools will help you to understand HTML5 language and will show you the easier way to create attractive & stunning websites.

Website Devlopment

Low-Code Development Platforms

‘Low-code Development Platform’ has started gaining traction in the market to categorize platforms for rapidly building and deploying custom apps—without the need for low-level coding. It’s great to see media, analysts and other thought leaders recognize the inherent business value and time to market advantages of these platforms. With demand for custom business apps soaring, it’s clear that traditional, code-based approaches simply can’t keep pace.

Wordpress Theme

WordPress Theme

A theme consists of a 2-part system with two layers: the main “parent” theme and the “child” theme on top. The “parent” theme provides the functionality of the site and the “child” theme allows design customization without touching the framework, or “parent,” underneath.If you don’t use a child theme, not only do you run the risk of messing up the functionality every time you edit your design, you will also have to re-do your customizations every time you update or upgrade.

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