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Web and Graphic design

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works" – Steve Jobs.

  • Research

    Our creative monster spends some time in research before coming out of its cage. It ensures we reach the creative success.

  • Design

    And finally the ideas start taking visual life. Once we are happy with our work, it’s handed back to you for approval.


What we do?

We take ideas and convert them into extraordinary visuals. STS knows what works and what doesn’t. We’re well equipped to handle all sorts of projects ranging from simple brochure site to complex e-commerce site.

Web Design

We have close to 2 years’ experience in web designing, more than most other web designers out there. Our web designers have created innumerable affordable responsive web design solutions. We actively work at staying on top of the current technology.

Logo & Identity

We tried to stop with the world, but we couldn’t restrain our creativity. We also design logos, to help you make your branding and corporate identity. Logo and identity designing are what we live every day-in & out.

Website Redesign

Give your existing website a contemporary look without changing its functionality. STS provides website re-design services to those who are not satisfied with the current look of their websites. Our professional web designers specialize in giving your site a framework which is fresh, clean, and appealing.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is not just about image creation. At STS, we consider your target audience to deliver your message using precise infographics, illustrations, and sophisticated layouts that speaks your brand strategy.

How we do it?

We come to you, listen to you and put ourselves in your shoes. We ask you all those important questions that other designers never seem to get around to. We collect every piece of information about your organization, your product, your vision and values, and we condense it into pixels.

Why Star Technologies Solutions?

We have a little different approach to web and graphic design. We gather as much information as possible about you and your business. We use the information to design a site for you, with a “personal touch”. We don’t use cookie-cutter templates. Instead, we handcraft your site pixel by pixel so that it is uniquely yours.

affordable web design

See It's Responsive Design

Responsive Web design refers to a technique that enables websites to change their layout and content based on the device being used to view them. The design literally responds to its environment. For example, if your site uses responsive web design, a visitor who opens it on an iPhone will see a layout that is optimized for that phone’s smaller screen.

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